Single Buck Shirt Press

Ajax by Sankosha shirt presses provide the highest quality shirt finish over the widest range of shirt sizes.


  • Flat head design makes dressing shirts faster and easier for your operator, increasing production.
  • Clean, filtered and heated air is used to finish sides and yokes to ensure the best finish and eliminate stains from compressed air.
  • Porous air bags provide high quality finish to sides and yoke.

Self aligning heads minimize maintenance
State of the art air bag closing system ensures even pressure and a high quality finish

Single Buck Shirt Press

Product Specifications
Power: 220V 3ph 9.2A
Weight: 1188 lbs / 540 Kg
Air Consumption: 26 /cycle
Steam Consumption: 2.4 hp / 37 Kg/h
Air Pressure: 85 psi / 0.6 Mpa
Steam Pressure: 85 psi / 0.6 Mpa
Air Connection: 3/8B
Steam Connection: Inlet 3/4B Outlet 1/2B x 2
Dimension: 2110 x 910 x 1740 mm (83 x 35.8 x 68.5 inches)